What do we deal with?

First of all, we help sportsmen and persons that are physically active to achieve better and better results, whatever their age, gender and sports discipline. We take care of their health, fitness, condition, physical and mental state.


This is GNS’ true mission. How do we achieve our mission? We deliver innovative dietary supplements the purpose of which is, among others (depending on the product), to:


• improve muscle mass;

• increase muscle power and resistance;

• improve body efficiency;

• pump muscles up;

• stimulate and add energy to act;

• improve concentration.


What is special about our products?

Dietary supplements of GENETICS NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS reflect our principles and values.


Our major focus is on absolute safety, stability, speed and efficiency, i.e. things that are also privately very important to us.

There are 3 fundamental features of GNS:

1. Our formulas are based on natural components.

Why? Because such a composition has the most effective impact on our organisms. In addition, our supplements are micronised, i.e. grounded to make them as assimilable as possible.

2. Production in special centres.

All products are manufactured at our request at professional and specialised production plants in accordance with demanding safety standards.

3. We search for newer and better solutions all the time.

While manufacturing our products, we also feel the spirit of sport. WE aim at be the first, best and most helpful to physically active persons!

We wish only spectacular results both to you and ourselves.

Enjoy excellent health and outstanding condition!